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What's The Hurry?
Sep 28, 2020

By Dan Boudreau

The licensee’s office was an hour from my office. With my team wishing me luck, I jumped into my truck at ninety minutes to deadline, time to spare.

Tree Planting

On the way, I had the inevitable flat tire. I put on my spare tire and got back on the road, feeling a little squeezed for time. I knew the licensee administering the bid tender wouldn’t accept late proposals. The bid closed at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

On the way, I squandered critical moments trading scowls with a highway construction flag person, and came to a sliding four-wheel stop in a cloud of mosquitoes and dust at the forest licensee’s office just a shudder and cough after the deadline. Three minutes late and they wouldn’t accept my bid. I lost the cost and effort to prepare the proposal, the contract, and any downstream opportunities that might follow.

An excerpt from Business Killers.



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