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Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

"This powerful, practical book shows you how to get onto the road of financial independence and then step on the gas."

Angela Bate

Angela Bate
Naturally Neat Home & Office Cleaning Specialists

"RiskBuster is an absolute asset to anyone who needs to create a foolproof business plan that works! Without Dan’s positive style encouragement & knowledge, I would have been lost in the process. This book is the foundation for any serious entrepreneur, hoping to create a true business snapshot. Consider RiskBuster as your business planning bible, with all the valuable tools you need to guide you to success!"

David V. Wahlund

David V. Wahlund
President - Manifest Success Projects Inc.

Before experiencing the RiskBuster materials, I thought I knew my business model fairly well, but after following the step by step roadmap designed by Dan’s years of experience, I had a much greater level of understanding about my vision, my company and the direction I am taking it.

Dan Boudreau has put together an incredible product.  The RiskBuster series provides exceptional user friendly tools packed with valuable information that offer real life application.  I highly recommend the RiskBuster products to anyone starting a business or growing an existing one.  These resources are for serious entrepreneurs.

Allison Nazarian

Allison Nazarian
Copywriter | Consultant | Internet Marketing Strategist

"Dan Boudreau has done it again! RiskBuster is a comprehensive and jam-packed guide to the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of researching, developing, planning, building and growing a business. This is exactly the kind of resource that I would have loved to turn to when my own business was born! Whatever your area of expertise and no matter what that burning idea in your head is, Dan has you covered….from market research, finance and operations to ideas, legalities and using what you already have and know. This is the definitive book for getting started and moving forward with your small business right here, right now! I am certain that not only will you learn from Dan’s book, but you will return time and again for more information and guidance as you continue your journey through the world of business."

Suzanne Lieurance

Suzanne Lieurance

"In RiskBuster, Dan Boudreau provides a strategic roadmap for anyone who has even the slightest desire to start their own business. He covers the good, the bad, and even the ugly questions that must be asked and answered in order to effectively plan for a successful business. Tables, checklists, and worksheets included in the book help anyone get to know the ins and outs of their proposed business from the ground up. A must read for new (and even experienced) entrepreneurs!"

Todd Mercer

Business Plan or Bust! is a terrific tool for would-be entrepreneurs considering starting their first small business. It addresses the needs of intelligent, diligent people who have specialized expertise but little systematic planning experience. The author red-flags other programs which characterize entrepreneurship as a get-rich-quick endeavor. Self-employment is instead touted as a realistic opportunity to make a living on one’s own terms, predicated on stacks of old-fashioned homework, involving always a risk of failure. "An entrepreneur is a twisted individual who will work 15-hour days at minimum wage to avoid taking a real job at $20 per hour."

Dan Boudreau is a two-time Entrepreneur of the Year nominee with twenty-five years in business planning, as a sole proprietor, employer, trainer, and gatekeeper of development funds for agencies in British Columbia. The book’s examples aren’t hypothetical, they’re steps Boudreau took creating the book sales-centered plan for his company, Macrolink Action Plans, Inc. He educates others based on previous ventures, which included impressive profitability in tree-planting and training, and one painful bankruptcy, which led to views of government regulators as “parasites” and legally sanctioned “gangsters.” He learned the hard way—regulators and lending institutions are least troublesome to those who learn the rules and don’t attract attention through noncompliance. One person can’t beat the combine, or as the man colorfully puts it, “If you get into a pissing match with a bank, you had best have a change of clothes.”

This book and its ancillary tools primarily target Canadians and Americans who are considering launching small service-industry businesses. Focused but lively, complete but comprehensible, Business Plan or Bust! is exactly the right prescription for people with a great concept and little idea of how to proceed. An excellent value.

Cash Miller

Cash Miller

Recently Dan Boudreau one of the authors we feature on www.SmallBusinessDelivered.com held a book promotion for his book Business Plan or Bust! As I happen to own a copy of his wonderful book I thought it was about time I told everyone my thoughts on it. For starters I have to say that this is a book every entrepreneur should keep on their desk.

And I really can’t stress this enough. The reason being is not only the fact that the book is very down to earth in its writing but also shows aspiring entrepreneurs what owning a business can really be like.

Next the book doesn’t just tell you how to write a business plan it shows you in a step by step manner. In fact there are 99 steps that this book will walk you through to complete your plan. He does this by providing worksheets and asking the questions that you need to answer so that you can put your plan together in a well organized manner. All the while using his own business experience to relate to what the planner is going through. I really can’t say enough about how much you need this book if you have aspirations of starting your own business enterprise.

To learn more about this great book just check out Dan Boudreau’s website www.RiskBuster.com for more information.

Sarah McGregor
SMac To The Rescue Virtual Administration Solutions

"My experiences with Dan’s books have been absolutely fantastic.  Not only did they have all the business startup information I was looking for all in one neat package, but they were very user-friendly and easy to follow through step-by-step.  I had all the information, and therefore the confidence, to get my business up and running smoothly in no time!  I have already recommended Dan’s books to others who were starting their business, and I would not hesitate to do so again."


Doodle Your Way to a Healthy Business Plan
A workbook for budding entrepreneurs and business owners.


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