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Reinvention in the New Year

Reinvention in the New Year
Jan 19, 2022

Now is an ideal time to sharpen your vision, revisit your intentions, and prioritize your goals for the upcoming year. It's even more important now after the past two years. I know it's been tough for entrepreneurs everywhere. Business is demanding during the best of times! Each day my inbox fills up with tales of disruption and heartbreak as businesses are thrashed about in the marketplace, some relocating, retooling, pivoting, or closing. 

There are also success stories to be told.

My main goals for this year are to write and blog more, and to spend more time in my kayak. I haven’t reached out until now because I’ve been fully engaged with publishing and marketing my books and building the infrastructure needed to get my writing into the hands of readers like you. Now it’s time to open the doors and connect with you. Things have changed so dramatically since the onset of the pandemic. 

I would like to learn about you, what business you are in or getting into, challenges you are facing, your hopes and dreams, and how you are solving problems day to day, and your successes.

I don’t know where this path will lead. I am passionate about entrepreneurship as a means to an end—that is, to be your own boss, or to achieve your potential, to earn a living, or to create a legacy. In my life, at least since my first foray into business in 1980, self-employment has kept me inspired, productive, and fed. I opened the door to my first business at the age of 27. Up to that point, I had worked at several monotonous, low-paying, dead-end jobs. For me, getting into that first business was like climbing out of the primordial goop and stepping onto the racetrack of life. It was my first brush with freedom, and although it’s never been easy, I have never regretted my choice and I love to help others discover the magic of entrepreneurship.



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