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Business Killers
How Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Stay out of Trouble and Focus on Success

Author: Dan Boudreau
Pages: 261

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Almost four decades in business 15 years lending to business owners, I realized the same threats were killing the businesses around me. I also understood that the cures were within easy reach and accessible to anyone who cared to notice.

Like most first-time founders, I started out knowing more about the work— in my case it was a tree planting service—than I did about running a business. Ignorance and self-destruction soon led me to the dreaded insolvency. I now understand some setbacks are unavoidable, but massive failure doesn’t need to be a rite of passage—disaster can be avoided. Hard knocks are mostly the result of self-sabotage, yet we don’t need to learn everything the hard way. We can stop destroying ourselves at any time, and it begins with admitting there is a problem, and then fixing it.

This book includes 40 business killers and many more hacks that will enable you to develop as a person and entrepreneur and build the business you want.


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