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Business Plan BootCamp

1. Jumpstart Your Business Plan (1.5 hours) 

  • View a business through different lenses
  • Review the benefits of business planning
  • Discuss system requirements for the RiskBuster Business Planner™
  • Install the RiskBuster Business Planner™
  • Discover the RiskBuster Business Plan Shell™
  • Arrange business plan folders and files for efficient retrieval
  • Use Roadmap™ in conjunction with the Shell™
  • Tour the Business Planner’s RoadMap
  • Discuss RoadMap Steps 1 to 10


2. Research Business Ideas without Going Crazy (1.5 hours) 

  • Start research with an end result in mind
  • Determine which questions to ask
  • Prove or disprove assumptions
  • Locate information and describe an industry
  • Determine customers wants and needs
  • Review Business Planner’s RoadMap™ Steps 11 to 30


3. Tell Your Story—Make Your Case (3 hours) 

  • Review narrative business plan elements issues and fixes
  • Describe products and services in ways that make sense
  • Prepare for forecasting by prioritizing revenue streams
  • Discover 60 sure-fire tricks for enhancing business plans
  • Review Business Planner’s RoadMap™ Steps 31 to 53


4. Kill Your Fear of Forecasting! (3 hours) 

  • Identify the financial tables to go into your business plan
  • Develop a forecast using the Biz4Caster spreadsheet
  • Clarify business financial assumptions
  • Calculate personal monthly expenses
  • Use the price generator to create cost of goods and unit prices
  • Forecast cash flow and estimate start-up expenses
  • Build and troubleshoot a 3-year bottom-up financial forecast
  • Create 3-year pro forma income statements and balance sheets
  • Review Business Planner’s RoadMap™ Steps 54 to 65


5. Completing Your Business Plan (3 hours) 

  • Create a business start-up implementation plan
  • List sources of funding and financing for small businesses
  • Discover affordable marketing strategies and techniques
  • Develop business, marketing, and operations action plans
  • Discuss how to adapt business plans for different audiences
  • Review Business Planner’s RoadMap™ Steps 90 to 99


What Each Participant Will Receive

As a part of this workshop, each participant will receive the following:

  • 1 printed copy of RiskBuster: Start or Grow Any Small Business, Wherever You Are, With Whatever You Have, Right Now!
  • 1 printed copy of Business Planner's RoadMap
  • 1 copy of the RiskBuster Business Planner CD
  • 12 hours of group workshop time
  • 1-on-1 or group coaching (optional)

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