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Business Development Skills for Coaches and Facilitators

The purpose of this series of workshops is to introduce business plan practitioners to the business plan as an educational opportunity and an effective tool with which to coach others to become experts in their businesses. The learner will be introduced to the Business Planner's RoadMap and a manageable process for researching and shaping a business concept from the first idea to a completed business plan. The business plan will be presented as a structure which helps to organize market research and enables the developer to prove or disprove his or her business case. All aspects of the business plan are covered, including market research, determining feasibility, developing a business concept, creating a marketing strategy, planning business operations, and building an overview of the financial section for a business plan.

Small group learning activities are followed with time to ask questions or share what he or she has learned. Each learner will gain understanding of how to guide clients through the various steps of business planning.

What Participants Will Learn

  • What a business plan is - why it is necessary
  • Where to access business planning tools
  • How to coach others to research business ideas
  • Where to access information and help
  • How to prove or disprove a business case
  • Effective business writing techniques
  • How to avoid common business planning pitfalls
  • How to identify and manage risk
  • How to provide information and tasks to clients in an organized, manageable way
  • How to motivate clients to do their own market research and write business plans

This Training Is For

  • Business coaches
  • Business analysts
  • Financing or funding program managers
  • Business consultants
  • Business plan facilitators and trainers

What Each Participant Will Receive

As a part of this workshop, each participant will receive:

  • 1 copy of RiskBuster: Start or Grow Any Small Business, Wherever You Are, With Whatever You Have, Right Now!
  • 1 copy of Business Planner's RoadMap
  • 1 copy of the RiskBuster Business Planner CD
  • 18 hours of group workshop time in 6 3-hour modules

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