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Business Killers Article 1

So, you’ve gone to all the effort to get your venture off the ground and survived the start-up phase. Aside from the fact that you’re too busy to socialize much, or take holidays, your business appears to be thriving. In your circle of friends you might even be a bit of a hero.

Congratulations might be in order. In starting a business, you’ve achieved something that many people dream about but never do. But are things as rosy as they seem?


Business Killers Article 2

Watch out for these common business killers! Here is the second part of the series, with 4 more business killers.

Business Killers Article 3

The following article was first published at the RiskBuster blog on September 27, 2011. While most business owners are motivated to provide excellent customer service, problems creep into the workplace when the business starts to grow, requiring that the owner take on hired help. It should be the goal of every business to provide top-notch customer service for every person that comes through the door.

Allison Nazarian

Allison Nazarian
Copywriter | Consultant | Internet Marketing Strategist

"Dan Boudreau has done it again! RiskBuster is a comprehensive and jam-packed guide to the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of researching, developing,...

"Dan Boudreau has done it again! RiskBuster is a comprehensive and jam-packed guide to the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of researching, developing, planning, building and growing a business. This is exactly the kind of resource that I would have loved to turn to when my own business was born! Whatever your area of expertise and no matter what that burning idea in your head is, Dan has you covered….from market research, finance and operations to ideas, legalities and using what you already have and know. This is the definitive book for getting started and moving forward with your small business right here, right now! I am certain that not only will you learn from Dan’s book, but you will return time and again for more information and guidance as you continue your journey through the world of business."